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학술대회 A User Friendly Internet Identity Management System
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최대선, 진승헌, 윤현수
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1163-1166
07MK2700, 자기통제 강화형 전자 ID지갑 시스템 개발, 진승헌
In this paper, we propose a client side identity management solution. The proposed system provides user registration and profile submission in very convenient manner. Web site login and profile update are also performed conveniently. In the proposed system, a client software called User Identity Manager provides identity management function a Site Card is generated for each id that is registered in web sites during registration. A secret number is generated and shared between client and web site. When a user visit a web site, user select one of Site Card, then the id and shared secret are sent to the web server and verified. User personal information is stored and managed in a form of Profile Card. Personal information submission to a web site is performed by choosing a Profile Card. Submitted Profile Card and Site Card are linked. And this link makes it possible to synchronize updated personal information.
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Client side, Identity Management System, Personal information, Shared secret, User-friendly, Web server, Web sites, client software, management function