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학술대회 A Cooperation Network Model for Secure Management in Dynamic P2P Flow
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문용혁, 나재훈, 장종수, 윤찬현
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1176-1181
07MK1700, 유무선 IPv6 기반 P2P 네트워크 정보보호 기술 개발, 나재훈
This paper discusses how to identify Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic using a blind technique without observing individual payload in the proposed cooperation network model. Traditionally, the payload inspection based traffic identification methodologies have been studied and developed for static internet traffic generated by well-known network applications such as http, ftp, telnet, smtp, etc. However, this approach is inadequate any more to detect and control newly emerging applications using P2P-like or P2P-based communication protocol. Also it strongly depends on the central intrusion detection system or firewall because signature as the prior-knowledge is normally built on that kind of systems. That fact derives three issues: performance overhead, central point of failure, and abnormality handling of traffic Therefore, we propose the distributed detector strategy using tight cooperation between flow agent and secure gateway for indemnifying the dynamic P2P traffic, even encrypted.
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Abnormality handling, Cooperation Network, Intrusion detection system(IDS), Network applications, Network model, Peer-to-Peer(P2P), Performance Overhead, Secure gateway, central point, communication protocol, emerging applications