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학술지 Electrodynamics of the Vanadium Oxides VO2 and V2O3
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M.M.Qazilbash, A.A.Schafgans, K.S.Burch, 윤선진, 채병규, 김봉준, 김현탁, D.N.basov
Physical Review B : Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, v.77 no.11, pp.1-10
American Physical Society(APS)
08MB3100, 전기적 점프(Current Jump)를 이용한 신소자 기술, 김현탁
The optical and infrared properties of films of vanadium dioxide (V O2) and vanadium sesquioxide (V2 O3) have been investigated via ellipsometry and near-normal incidence reflectance measurements from far infrared to ultraviolet frequencies. Significant changes occur in the optical conductivity of both V O2 and V2 O3 across the metal-insulator transitions at least up to (and possibly beyond) 6 eV. We argue that such changes in optical conductivity and electronic spectral weight over a broad frequency range are evidence of the important role of electronic correlations to the metal-insulator transitions in both of these vanadium oxides. We observe a sharp optical transition with possible final state (exciton) effects in the insulating phase of V O2. This sharp optical transition occurs between narrow a1g bands that arise from the quasi-one-dimensional chains of vanadium dimers. Electronic correlations in the metallic phases of both V O2 and V2 O3 lead to reduction of the kinetic energy of the charge carriers compared to band theory values, with paramagnetic metallic V2 O3 showing evidence of stronger correlations compared to rutile metallic V O2. © 2008 The American Physical Society.
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Charge carriers, Far-infrared, Frequency Range, Infrared properties, Kinetic energy, Normal incidence, One-dimensional chains, Optical Transition, Optical conductivity, Quasi-one-dimensional, Reflectance measurements