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학술대회 A Middleware Platform Based on Multi-Agents for u-Healthcare Services with Sensor Networks
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김영복, 김철수, 이준욱
KES International Symposium on Agent and Multi-Agent Systems : Technologies and Applications (KES-AMSTA) 2008 (LNCS 4953), v.4953, pp.683-692
We studied the middleware platform, i.e. COSMOS (Common System for Middleware of Sensor Network), based on multi-agents for u-healthcare services with various types of sensor networks such as the Zigbee wireless sensor network (WSN), the CDMA cellular network, RFID and IP-USN based on the 6LowPAN. Our project is focused on sensor network abstraction for various ubiquitous sensor networks (USN). We defined standard interfaces between USN middleware based on multi-agents and USN networks as well as application services with multi-agents. We implemented several USN services such as u-Healthcare services to consider important issues about middleware platform based on multi-agent applications. © 2008 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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Cellular networks, Healthcare Services, IP-USN, Middleware platform, Multi-agent applications, Static wireless sensor networks(WSNs), Ubiquitous Healthcare System(U-Healthcare), Zigbee wireless sensor network, application services, network abstraction, standard interfaces