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학술지 AHP 기법을 이용한 u-City 사업 타당성 평가 기준에 관한 연구
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정우수, 박웅희, 조병선
국토연구, v.56, pp.123-144
This paper was to increase understanding on the u-City as a new industry in the upcoming ubiquitous era and drew evaluation criteria of u-City feasibility for the activation of industry provided by u-City. And by reviewing precedent papers and references regarding u-City, it drew proper evaluation criteria and evaluated u-City feasibility using AHP; economic feasibility, technological feasibility and policy feasibility were figured out as main criteria and resulted evaluation criteria for u-City feasibility. In this paper, we tested the inconsistency index for confidence degree of AHP evaluation and applied the three u-Citys - Paju·Woonjung, Gwanggyo, and Yungigun - in AHP model. We used against the case of being 0.2 or less in connection with the inconsistency index showing the confidence degree of the AHP analysis. According to the results, the total average of the inconsistency index showed up as 0.073. And the average of the inconsistency index showed up 0.0872 in the case of Paju·Woonjung, 0.0683 in the case of Gwanggyo, and 0.0636 in the case of Yungigun. As to this, we present not only the direction for the systematic u-City build-up but also the justifiability of u-City implementation. Moreover, there will be a value as the basic materials for reasonably propelling the u-City project.
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AHP Analysis, AHP model, Build up, Confidence degree, Evaluation criteria, Inconsistency index, Main Criteria, Technological feasibility, economic feasibility, u-City