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학술지 국내 이동 통신 서비스의 주파수 대역별 전환 수요 예측에 관한 연구
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정우수, 조병선, 하영욱
경영과학, v.25 no.1, pp.29-41
한국경영과학회 (KORMS)
08KE1600, KT그룹의 무선사업 경쟁력 향상을 위한 주파수 전략 연구, 조병선
In the mobile communication service market, this?study represents an attempt to forecast the?subscribers of the IMT-2000 service market using the? questionnaire of experts which is the qualitative technique is used. In this study, by using the?substitution model?of next?generations among products?in order to analyze the IMT-2000 demand of service, a demand was predicted. And by estimating the market demand prospect in which it becomes the important factor of the IMT-2000 service diffusion according to each bandwidth frequency the politically necessary approaching direction about the frequency was presented. It will be able to become the important part to not only the business carrier but also the policy maker to examine a prospect toward the subscriber of the IMT-2000 service. As a result, the market demand was exposed to be most big when the SKT 800MHz, and the KTF 800(900)MHz were used as the?additional frequency. And it was likely to reach to the IMT-2000 number of subscribers to about 35,750? thousand peoples in the future at 2015.
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Communication services, IMT-2000, Number of subscribers, Service diffusion, Service market, Substitution model, market demand, mobile communication