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학술대회 Enhanced Upstream Scheduling Algorithm for Variable Bit Rate VoIP Service over Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network
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홍승은, 이우용
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2008, pp.1-4
In this paper, we enhance the existing upstream scheduling algorithm for VoIP service in data-over-cable system interface specification (DOCSIS) MAC protocol which is, called unsolicited grant service with activity detection (UGS-AD), not able to efficiently support various VoIP codecs with variable bit rate (VBR) and silence suppression over the shared medium hybridfiber-coaxial (HFC) network. We modify the UGS-AD to minimize a waste of uplink resources for supporting the VBR VoIP service. This proposed scheme is compared with the existing UGS-AD through the capacity analysis. Results show that our proposed algorithm can support more up to 59% voice users compared with the existing UGS-AD.
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Activity Detection, Capacity analysis, Hybrid fiber, MAC protocol, Scheduling algorithm, System interface, Uplink resources, Variable-bit-rate(VBR), VoIP service, cable system, interface specification