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학술대회 UMOST : Ubiquitous Multimedia Framework for Context-Aware Session Mobility
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이용주, 박춘서, 정진환, 김학영, 이철훈
International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (MUE) 2008, pp.3-8
07MH2700, 저비용 대규모 글로벌 인터넷 서비스 솔루션 개발, 김명준
With the increasing use of small portable devices and wireless networks, a trend to support computing on the move has emerged. This trend is referred to as 'any-time/anywhere computing' for mobility support. In particular, multimedia service with heterogeneous devices, location free access and user-context awareness is still a very active and evolving field of research in broad areas. In this paper, a movable multimedia framework, namely UMOST(Ubiquitous Middleware Of Streaming Technology), is proposed for multimedia session mobility. It provides various levels of quality of service management, as well as seamless user-level handoffs using MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation(DIA). It serves scalable streaming adaptive to the user, and deploys a back-end content distribution network for adapting dynamically to environmental changes through prefetching. The implemented framework employs a smart space aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of multimedia session mobility. © 2008 IEEE.
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Content Distribution Network, Distribution network(DN), Environmental change, Location free, MPEG-21, Multimedia Service, Multimedia framework, Portable device, Quality of Service management, Smart space, User-Context awareness