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학술대회 Policy and Role based Mobile RFID User Privacy Data Management System
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박남제, 송유진, 원동호
Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS) 2008, pp.1003-1006
08MS2200, 안전한 RFID/USN을 위한 정보보호 기술 개발, 정교일
Recently, mobile RFID has been studied actively as a primary technology in computing environments. Mobile RFID service is defined as a special type of mobile service using RFID tag packaging objects and RFID readers attached to mobile RFID terminals. While the mobile RFID system has many advantages, it may make new intrusions to the user's privacy. We propose the policy-based dynamic privacy protection framework leveraging globally mobile RFIDs. In this paper, we describe privacy infringements for the mobile RFID service environment and requirements for privacy protection, and develop privacy protection service based on a user privacy policy. The proposed framework provides a means for securing the stability of mobile RFID services by suggesting personal privacy-policy based access control for personalized tags. This means a technical solution to privacy protection for the mobile RFID system. ©2008 IEEE.
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Data Management System, Mobile RFID system, Mobile services, Personal privacy, Privacy policy, RFID Tag, RFID reader, Service environment, User Privacy, access control, policy-based