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학술대회 Efficient Mobile Museum Guidance System Using Augmented Reality
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오지현, 이문현, 박한훈, 박종일, 김종성, 손욱호
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2008, pp.1-4
07MC2300, 실감형 Virtual Engineering 기술 개발 (가상 생산기술 개발), 손욱호
We propose a mobile augmented reality (AR) system for helpful and efficient museum guidance. The system can provide not only useful information of exhibitions such as their inside view, origination, and how-to-use, but also a variety of interactions with the exhibitions. The system prototype is implemented on ultra mobile personal computer (UMPC) which is equipped with a camera, an ultrasound receiver, and a gyro sensor. The system function consists of two parts: tracking part, and event handling and visualization part. The tracking part consists of two parts again: global pose tracking part using ultrasound sensors and a gyro sensor, and local pose tracking part using a vision sensor which computes effectively the camera pose under less-controlled environments by combining edge information with feature point information of the camera images. The usefulness of the proposed system and user satisfaction are evaluated through the experimental results in various scenarios.
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Augmented reality(AR), Camera pose, Edge information, Event handling, Gyro sensor, System Prototype, User Satisfaction, Vision sensor, feature points, guidance system, mobile augmented reality