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학술지 Adaptive Content Streaming Services for Consumer Devices in a Smart Building
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이현정, 박완기, 허재두, 이일우, 이상호
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, v.9 no.22, pp.14633-14649
Research India Publications
14MC6500, 빌딩/단지의 에너지 통합관리 서비스 및 에너지 거래 기술 개발, 이일우
This paper proposes a device adaptive content streaming mechanism for multiple consumer devices in a smart home to provide bandwidth-efficient content distribution. For the purpose of enhancing the CPU performance of the transformation server, a converted content-sharing method is also suggested for devices with same capabilities. First, the proposed mechanism requires three profiles, one for devices, one for display programs, and one for services. They are used by a content transformation server to determine adequate sizes, bit rates, and frame rates of the original content so that it may be transmitted efficiently to devices according to their capabilities. Second, the content-conversion mechanism is improved through content sharing among devices with the same characteristics, which reduces the processing time required for redundant content transformation. As a result, the proposed mechanism provides more efficient conversions and transmissions of content, in that CPU utilization for content transformation and bandwidth usage for streaming are approximately 50% more efficient due to the elimination of redundant receptions and conversions of content for the same types of devices. This method can be adapted for use with real-time streaming services such as broadcasting and surveillance cameras and optimized for various types of consumer devices.
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CPU Performance, CPU Utilization, Consumer devices, Content Streaming, Content sharing, Conversion mechanism, Real-Time Streaming, Smart Homes(SH), Smart building, Streaming service, adaptive content