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학술대회 Adaptive Buffering Scheme for Streaming Service in Intersystem Handover between Terrestrial and Satellite Systems
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홍태철, 강군석, 안도섭, 이호진
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2008, pp.1-4
In this paper, we propose an adaptive buffering scheme for streaming service during inter-system handover. In general, the buffering scheme of streaming service is used to compensate for delay jitter of networks. By the way, the terminal, which is served from wireless communication systems, can explore the discontinuation of receiving streaming packets during handover. Especially, in case of inter-system handover, the discontinuation of receiving packets is longer than that of intra-system handover. Therefore, existing buffering schemes cannot fully compensate for the degradation of QoS. The proposed method of this paper is an additional buffering scheme before handover. Using this method, we can prevent the discontinuation of streaming service during handover. This method is validated through simulations.
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Adaptive buffering, Inter-System Handover, Streaming service, Wireless communication system, delay jitter, satellite systems