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Conference Paper Distributed IPTV System for Personal Broadcasting Service
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Moon Byongkwon, Lee Byung-Tak, 이성용, Shim Jae Chan, Ho Young Song
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International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2008, pp.1-3
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08ZT1100, Experimental Project for FTTH Service Development, Koh Jaisang
In this paper, we propose a distributed IPTV system by which each program provider (PP) possess a light-weight software-based IPTV head-end station, and subscribers watch an aggregated IPTV channel. In the proposed system, 1) each media belongs to the distributed PPs is automatically streamed at a scheduled instance; 2) each streamed media can be aggregated in real-time according to scheduling information, and delivered to subscribers in the form of a single IPTV channel.
KSP Keywords
Program provider, Real-Time, Scheduling information, light-weight