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학술지 Haptic Stylus and Empirical Studies on Braille, Button, and Texture Display
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경기욱, 이준영, 박준석
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, v.2008 no.1, pp.1-11
Hindawi Publishing
07MH2100, 퍼스널 Life Log기반 지능형 서비스 기술 개발, 배창석
This paper presents a haptic stylus interface with a built-in compact tactile display module and an impact module as well as empirical studies on Braille, button, and texture display. We describe preliminary evaluations verifying the tactile display's performance indicating that it can satisfactorily represent Braille numbers for both the normal and the blind. In order to prove haptic feedback capability of the stylus, an experiment providing impact feedback mimicking the click of a button has been conducted. Since the developed device is small enough to be attached to a force feedback device, its applicability to combined force and tactile feedback display in a pen-held haptic device is also investigated. The handle of pen-held haptic interface was replaced by the pen-like interface to add tactile feedback capability to the device. Since the system provides combination of force, tactile and impact feedback, three haptic representation methods for texture display have been compared on surface with 3 texture groups which differ in direction, groove width, and shape. In addition, we evaluate its capacity to support touch screen operations by providing tactile sensations when a user rubs against an image displayed on a monitor. Copyright © 2008 Ki-Uk Kyung et al.
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Braille numbers, Built-in, Combined force, Display module, Empirical study, Force feedback device, Haptic Feedback, Pen-like, Representation method, Tactile Feedback, Touch screen