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학술대회 The Slotted-LBT: A RFID Reader Medium Access Scheme in Dense Reader Environments
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권성호, 최진철, 최길영, 이채우
International Conference on RFID 2008, pp.207-214
08MC4100, 개별물품 단위 응용을 위한 차세대 RFID 기술 개발, 채종석
RFID technology as a core technology for realizing ubiquitous environment is emerged. Although it was developed rapidly in the past few years, the read rate is still a concern in the RFID technology adoption. At the same time it is also a technical issue which must be resolved. In order to increase the read rate, a number of researches have focused on the air protocol method and the medium access method. In this paper, we propose a distributed Slotted-LBT method to increase the number of readers which can read tags simultaneously, to provide a stable channel access time, and to reduce the interference among readers by using a channel zone. From the results in this research, compared with the existing normal LBT method, the proposed Slotted-LBT method shows that the coefficient of variation for the channel access time is reduced from 96% to 38% and the effect of interference is reduced by 28.48%). Besides, since each channel can be controlled separately, we can use categorized channels according to demanding features of manifold applications. © 2008 IEEE.
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Access Time, Access method, Channel Access(CA), Coefficient of Variation, RFID reader, RFID technology, Read rate, Technology Adoption, Ubiquitous environments, effect of interference, medium access scheme