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학술대회 Click2Movie: Personal-Customized Content Authoring Service in IPTV Platform
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김낙우, 김재훈, 이상현, 송호영
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2008, pp.1-4
08ZT1100, 광가입자망(FTTH)서비스 개발 실험사업, 고재상
In this paper, we propose a method for personal-customized content authoring service, that is, Click2Movie, in IPTV platform that a user terminal unit like PC or STB sends various kinds of multimedia files like music, images or movie-clips to the personal-customized contents authoring server located at remote place, the remote server in real-time makes the personal-customized contents of the multimedia object files transmitted from a user terminal, and then retransmits them to the predefined relevant service group through IPTV personal channel by IPTV network provider. Personal-customized content authoring service supplies automatic multimedia editing/composition service based on DirectShow Editing Service in Microsoft, and offers unicast, multicast and groupcast service for a large number of interested groups with IPTV service broker(CUBE), channel initiation protocol(CIP), and service management module (iSMS) through IPTV personal channel.
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Composition service, Content authoring, IPTV network, Real-Time, Remote server, Service Broker, Terminal Unit, service management