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학술대회 Convergence of High-speed Powerline Communication and WiMedia UWB for Multimedia Home Networks
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이광일, 박준희, 문경덕
International Symposium on Power Line Communications and Its Applications (ISPLC) 2008, pp.147-151
08MC1900, 고신뢰성 유비쿼터스홈 적응형 미들웨어 개발, 문경덕
For the future premium home network services, the high volume of network bandwidth and QoS support is essential in the home networks. Even though Ultra-wideband (UWB) is considered as a promising technology because of its high bandwidth up to 480 Mbps, it has a limitation of short transmission range. To overcome UWB short coverage, we converge here UWB and high-speed powerline communication. Here we introduce a high-speed powerline communication bridge, more specifically a HomePlug AV and WiMedia UWB bridge. We explain the functions of hardware and software structure of it. Our bridge provides not only the connectivity between two networks but also supports various types of QoS for multi-media services.
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High Speed, High bandwidth, High volume, Home Network, HomePlug AV, Network bandwidth, Network service, Powerline communication, QoS Support, Software structure, Transmission Range