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학술지 Design and Implementation of Open-Loop Clock Recovery Circuit for 39.8 Gb/s and 42.8 Gb/s Dual-Mode Operation
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임상규, 조현우, 신종윤, 고제수
ETRI Journal, v.30 no.2, pp.268-274
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
This paper proposes an open-loop clock recovery circuit (CRC) using two high-Q dielectric resonator (DR) filters for 39.8 Gb/s and 42.8 Gb/s dual-mode operation. The DR filters are fabricated to obtain high Q-values of approximately 950 at the 40 GHz band and to suppress spurious resonant modes up to 45 GHz. The CRC is implemented in a compact module by integrating the DR filters with other circuits in the CRC. The peak-to-peak and RMS jitter values of the clock signals recovered from 39.8 Gb/s and 42.8 Gb/s pseudo-random binary sequence (PRBS) data with a word length of 231-1 are less than 2.0 ps and 0.3 ps, respectively. The peak-to-peak amplitudes of the recovered clocks are quite stable and within the range of 2.5 V to 2.7 V, even when the input data signals vary from 150 mV to 500 mV. Error-free operation of the 40 Gb/s-class optical receiver with the dual-mode CRC is confirmed at both 39.8 Gb/s and 42.8 Gb/s data rates.
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40 gb/s, 45 GHz, Clock recovery(CR), Dielectric resonator(DR), GHz band, High Q, Optical receiver, Pseudo Random Binary Sequence(PRBS), Resonant mode, Word-length, data rate