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학술대회 UVMODE : Usability Verification Mixed Reality System for Mobile Devices
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양웅연, 조동식, 손욱호
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2008, pp.3573-3578
07MC2300, 실감형 Virtual Engineering 기술 개발 (가상 생산기술 개발), 손욱호
UVMODE is a mixed reality based usability evaluation system for mobile information device development. The system contributes to increasing efficiency of the usability evaluation process by replacing real products with virtual models. With our system, users can change the design of a virtual product easily, and investigate how it affects its usability. While users can review and test the virtual product by manipulating it with MR interfaces, the system also provides evaluation tools for measuring objective usability measures, including estimated design quality and users' hand load. In this paper, we present the system design and implementation details of our system, and discuss how it could improve the current usability evaluation processes held in mobile information device industry.
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Design Quality, Device development, Evaluation Process, Evaluation System, Evaluation tools, Mixed reality, Mobile devices, Usability Evaluation, Usability measures, increasing efficiency, system design and implementation