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학술대회 Implementation of a Metadata Analyzer Based on the Expressive Multisensory System for the Ubiquitous Home
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박상욱, 김정태, 장종현, 백의현
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2008, pp.1-4
08MC2400, SMMD기반 유비쿼터스홈 미디어 서비스 시스템 개발, 박광로
This paper presents a metadata analysis platform to express multisensory media effects for home appliances and a home server in the ubiquitous home networks. The platform is based on a home server that is equipped with a hardware decoder for multimedia processing. The proposed metadata analyzer communicates with services modules for integrating the control of multiple home appliances. In the home networks, the expressive multisensory multimedia service includes the appliance control service and parsing metadata for the media. The metadata is comprehensive set of XML descriptions. In this paper, the implementation of the xml parsers is introduced and an algorithm is presented with software architecture for the metadata analyzer while elements and attributes of XML are converted to intermediate data for appliances control purposes.
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Appliance control, Control service, Home Network, Home server, Intermediate data, Media effects, Multimedia Service, Multimedia processing, Multisensory system, XML Parsers, analysis platform