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학술대회 Design of High Performance HEMT Switch for S-band MSM of Satellite Transponder
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장동필, 노윤섭, 염인복
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2008 (Spring), pp.2888-2891
08MR1800, 위성항법지상국시스템 및 탐색구조단말기 기술개발, 이상욱
A SPST Switch MMIC which used for Microwave Switch Matrix (MSM) of communications satellite payload with multi-beam function has been designed and fabricated. New RF FET switch configuration has been devised to improve power characteristics and isolation. Input and output return losses are better than another switches reported previously for both On and Off states. The MMIC chips were fabricated in 0.15um GaAs pHEMT process and measured insertion loss less than 2.0dB and isolation more than 63dB in the frequency range of 3GHz - 4GHz. Output 3rd order interceptpoint above 32dBm has been recorded and the value is very high even though the unit pHEMT has gate width of 0.2mm and only four pHEMT are used in the MMIC. © 2008 IEEE.
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3rd order, FET switch, Frequency Range, GaAs pHemt, Gate Width, High performance, Microwave switch, Multi-beam, Power characteristics, Return loss(RL), S-Band