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학술대회 Standardization for Ubiquitous Networking in IPV6-based NGN
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이규명, 최준균, 정태수, Doug Montgomery
ITU-T Kaleidoscope Academic Conference 2008, pp.1-8
08MT1300, BcN 전달망 및 서비스 구조 표준개발, 정태수
As many new types of devices will be connected to networks in the future, we expect that IPv6 will play a key role in object-to-object communications and also militate against address exhaustion of IPv4. Therefore, it is very important to provide ubiquitous networking capabilities using IPv6. This paper presents several issues for standardization in the support ubiquitous networking capabilities in IPv6-based Next Generation Networks (NGN). These issues are relevant to the future activities of ITU-T's Study Group (SG) 13. We also discuss some basic concepts and present our vision related to this topic. In addition, we clearly identify the importance and key advantages of IPv6 in the ubiquitous networking environment. For developing the relevant standards to further enhance the current NGN, we propose new study items which include object identification, functional architecture, services, and strategies. We also provide additional considerations for standardization. © 2008 ITU.
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Functional Architecture, ITU-T, Key role, Next generation networks(NGN), object identification