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Journal Article Fabrication of Transmit-Receive Devices Monolithically Integrated with Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
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Oh Su Hwan, Baek Yongsoon, Chul-Wook Lee, Kisoo Kim, Oh Kwang Ryong
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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, v.47 no.5, pp.3489-3492
Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP), Institute of Physics (IOP)
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07MB2400, Nano flexible opto-electric PCB module for portable display, Ju Jung Jin
Transmit-receive devices (TRD) monolithically integrated with a butt-coupled semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) have been designed and fabricated using a buried ridge/ridge waveguide structure with low-threshold-current and high-temperature operation characteristics. The maximum output power was 31 mW under CW operation at 25°C. At 85°C the output power was over 9 mW with a side mode suppression of over 45 dB. The responsivity of the detector photodiode was over 0.6 A/W in the temperature range between 25 and 65°C and over 0.3 A/W at 85°C. It was nearly constant in the input-Dower range between -30 to -10 dBm. ©2008 The Japan Society of Applied Physics.
KSP Keywords
Applied physics, Coupled semiconductor, High-temperature operation, Low threshold, Mode suppression, Operation characteristics, Ridge waveguides(RWs), Semiconductor optical amplifiers(SOAs), Temperature range, Waveguide Structure, maximum output power