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학술대회 Fast Selective-Intra Mode Search Algorithm Based on Macro-Block Tracking for Inter-frames in the H.264/AVC Video Standard
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김병규, 조창식, 김태정
International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2008, pp.3502-3505
07MW1100, 임베디드 S/W 기반 SmarTown 솔루션 기술, 조창식
A fast intra mode determination algorithm based on the macroblock (MB) tracking scheme and rate-distortion (RD) cost is proposed for inter-frames in the H.264/AVC video standard. In addition to the inter mode search procedure with variable block size, an intra mode search causes a significant increase in the complexity and computational load for an inter frame. To reduce the computational load of the intra mode search at the inter frame, the rate-distortion (RD) cost of the tracked MB for the current MB are used and we propose adaptive thresholding algorithms for skipping the intra mode search. For the IPPP sequence type, the overall encoding time can be reduced up to 52% through comparative analysis of experimental results with JM reference software. ©2008 IEEE.
KSP 제안 키워드
Comparative analysis, Encoding time, H.264/AVC video, Inter mode, Rate-distortion (RD) cost, Search Algorithm(GSA), Thresholding Algorithms, Variable Block Size(VBS), adaptive thresholding, computational load, intra mode