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학술대회 An Effective Resource Management for Fair Call Admission Control Using Vertical Handoff in 4G Wireless Networks
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황영하, 노성기, 석우진, 김상하
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2008 (Spring), pp.2188-2192
This paper proposes an effective resource management scheme using vertical handoff and fairness concepts to prevent hot-spot cell and satisfy the various QoS requirements of users in 4G wireless networks. When the networks adapt available resources and QoS threshold to meet users' multiple QoS constraints, the occurrence of hot-spot cell in high-loaded traffic regions with time variable traffic conditions is unavoidable. The hot-spot cell cause serious lowering of resource utilization and system throughput in overall networks. In order to prevent the hot-spot cell and enhance resource utilization and system throughput, this paper uses vertical handoff decision function by inter-cell and inter-service fairness concepts. In order to verify the performance of proposed scheme, the simulation and numerical analysis are performed. © 2008 IEEE.
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4G Wireless Networks, Admission control(AC), Call Admission Control, High-loaded, Hot spot, Numerical Analysis, QoS Requirements, QoS constraints, Resource management, Service fairness, Vertical handoff decision