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학술대회 SAIC Based Iterative Receivers for MC-CDMA Cellular Systems
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김성락, Jinho Choi, 남준영, Nguyen Ngoc Tien
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2008 (Spring), pp.1122-1126
In this paper, we consider iterative detector/receiver based on single antenna interference cancellation (SAIC) techniques for multicarrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) cellular systems. Since the performance of the users close to cell edge is mainly degraded by the intercell interference, it is important to suppress the intercell interference. Using spreading in MC-CDMA, the intercell interfering signals can be detected and cancelled. A better performance can also be achieved if iterative detectors/receivers are used. We propose low complexity iterative detector and receiver using the one-tap minimum mean square error (MMSE) equalizer and a simple group canceller as they are employed at the mobile station. © 2008 IEEE.
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Cell-Edge, Cellular system, Code division Multiple Access(CDMA), Iterative Receiver, Iterative detectors, Minimum Mean Square Error(MMSE), Mobile station(MS), Multi-carrier code division multiple access(MC-CDMA), Single antenna interference cancellation, inter-cell interference(ICI), low-complexity