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학술대회 Definitive Link Layer Triggers for Predictive Handover Optimization
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양미정, 정광렬, 박애순, 김상하
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2008 (Spring), pp.2326-2330
08MM1200, 차세대 이동통신 서비스 플랫폼 개발, 김영진
Main idea of Fast MIPv6 (FMIPv6) is the new address pre-configuration on the link of the current access router by the aid of predictive link layer triggers. If the link layer triggers are not available prior to the link layer handover, the FMIPv6 reverts to the reactive mode. In this case, the MN performs the address configuration after connecting to the new access router. It causes additional packet loss and signaling overhead. Also, too early link layer triggers increase the service delay time and the buffer space. In this paper, we propose the definitive link layer triggering criterion to support the predictive handover in FMIPv6. We consider the handover scenario from WLAN to a cellular network which is most common access networks in wireless worlds. To provide the best time on which the link layer triggers initiate, we introduce a remaining link lifetime which considers the received signal strength variation rate. The performance evaluation shows that the proposed algorithm substantially reduces the handover latency with guaranteeing the predictive mode FMIPv6. © 2008 IEEE.
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Address configuration, Buffer space, Cellular networks, Delay Time, Fast MIPv6, Handover latency, Handover optimization, Link layer, New access router, Performance evaluation, Predictive handover