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학술대회 Location Aided Location Update in IEEE 802.16e Wireless MANs
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김은경, 김원익, 김경수
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2008 (Spring), pp.2264-2268
IEEE 802.16 is one of the standards for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) in Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). IEEE 802.16e is the extension of IEEE 802.16 to enhance the mobility of Mobile Stations (MSs). In IEEE 802.16e Wireless MANs, idle mode, which allows MSs to become periodically available for downlink broadcast messaging without registration at a specific Base Station (BS), is proposed in order to conserve power and operation resource of MS. The idle mode MS performs idle mode location update to establish location to the network and acknowledge message decoding. How to minimize the total cost of location update is one of the most important and challenging issues in wireless mobile networks. In this paper, we propose two schemes of Location Aided Location Update (LALU) to conserve power more efficiently. Our simulation results show that the proposed schemes provide better performance than that of previous location update of IEEE 802.16e. © 2008 IEEE.
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AND operation, Broadband Wireless Access(BWA), Broadcast messaging, Challenging issues, IEEE 802.16e(Mobile wimax), Location update, Location-aided, Wireless mobile network, base station(BS), idle mode, metropolitan area networks