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학술대회 A Fast Computation Algorithm of Binocular Energy Model
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박영수, 허남호
3DTV-Conference (3DTV-CON) 2008, pp.401-404
07MR3300, 무안경 개인형 3D 방송기술개발, 안치득
This paper presents a fast computation algorithm of binocular energy model (BEM) to estimate the global disparity between a pair of stereoscopic images. The previous methods estimated the global disparity by using the convolution of receptive field function and stereoscopic images. But, it is known that the above approaches take a long time to obtain the required output. Hence, in this paper, we propose a fast computation algorithm by replacing the convolution with a multiplication operation in frequency domain. We can transform the image and the receptive field function into the frequency domain with the well-known fast Fourier transform called FFT. Then the output of the linear neurons is calculated simply with the inverse FFT (IFFT). The remaining process is the same as the previous approaches. With experimental results, we show that the proposed method can obtain the same global disparity as the previous schemes while reducing the computing time to 1/5 approximately. ©2008 IEEE.
KSP 제안 키워드
Computing time, Fast Fourier transform, Long Time, Receptive field, Stereoscopic image, energy model, fast computation, frequency domain(FD)