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학술대회 Flight Dynamics Operations for COMS Satellite Mission Control
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이병선, 김해연, 황유라, 김재훈
International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) 2008, pp.1-11
Communications, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite (COMS) is a first Korean multimission geostationary satellite which will be launched in 2009. The satellite is controlled by the COMS Satellite Ground Control System (SGCS). Flight Dynamics Subsystem (FDS) is one of five subsystems in COMS SGCS. Flight dynamics operations for COMS satellite mission control include orbit determination, orbit prediction, event prediction, stationkeeping maneuver planning, station-relocation maneuver planning, and fuel accounting. The entire orbit related functions in COMS FDS consider twice a day thruster based wheel off-loading maneuvers which affect the orbit of the satellite. In this paper, the flight dynamics operations for COMS satellite mission control are presented based on the FDS design and implementation. An object oriented analysis and design methodology is applied to FDS software design. C# program language on Microsoft .NET framework is used for the implementation of FDS. © 2008 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved.
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C program, Event Prediction, FDS software, Geostationary satellite, Ground Control System, Microsoft .NET, Mission control, NET Framework, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD), Orbit determination, Orbit prediction