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학술대회 Connection Methodology for Two Ubiquitous Robot Spaces - Connection of RT-Middleware and CAMUS
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Hyun Min Do, Yong-Shik Kim, Bong Keun Kim, Tamio Tanikawa, Kohtaro Ohba, 자나르벡, 서영호, 김형선, 이재영, 유원필
International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM) 2008, pp.7-12
08MC4500, RUPI-서버 기술 개발, 김형선
This paper presents a connection method for two ubiquitous robot spaces. The ubiquitous robotics is recently proposed and many methods are suggested to implement this concept. In many cases, software modularization and middleware technology are adopted. However, different middlewares are used for each case since there is no standard for such a technology. Thus, the implemented robotic space keeps a ubiquitous concept only under its own standard. To remedy this problem, the method of connection for two middlewares is proposed. In the proposed method, the target middlewares are RT-Middleware of Japan and CAMUS of Korea. By making a bridge between two middlewares, the service provided by RTMiddleware side can be available to CAMUS side and also the service provided by CAMUS side can be used by RT-Middleware side. Experimental results are included to verify the performance of the proposed method. © 2008 IEEE.
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Middleware Technology, RT-Middleware, Robotic space, Software Modularization, Ubiquitous robotics, connection method