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학술대회 D-PuP: An Enhanced Prediction Algorithm for Real-Time MPEG-4 VBR Video Traffic with Dynamic Adaptation
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이강용, 김문성, 조기성
International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME) 2008, pp.405-408
08MC1700, All-IP기반 통합 네트워크 서비스 제어 기술개발, 조기성
In previous work [1], we proposed a real-time MPEG-4 VBR video traffic prediction algorithm that calculates the probability density function (PDF) based on the last N frames, rWin, by using Cubic-spline interpolation method, and then utilize it for the prediction of next frame. We fixed the size of rWin as five in the algorithm. Although the algorithm is capable of providing more accurate prediction than those in the research literature, it still has weakness on the adapting the traffic dynamics due to the fixed size of rWin. In this paper, we first study the experimental investigation about the number of rWin, and propose an enhanced traffic prediction algorithm with dynamic rWin. © 2008 IEEE.
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Accurate prediction, Dynamic Adaptation, MPEG-4 VBR video, Real-Time, Spline interpolation method, Traffic dynamics, VBR video traffic, Video traffic prediction, cubic spline interpolation, experimental investigation, prediction algorithms