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학술대회 MIMO Detection Methods Considering AGC Effects
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김명순, 김진업
European Wireless Conference (EW) 2008, pp.1-5
Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) detection methods are derived with an assumption that the noise power of all receiving paths are equal. This assumption is not valid in practical systems performing automatic gain control (AGC) which adjusts the signal level to the dynamic range of analog to digital converters (ADC). If the independent AGC scheme with the different gain for each receiving path to minimize the quantization noise is used, the output noise of AGC is not white in the spatial domain, i.e. the noise variances of receiving paths are not identical. Therefore, this spatially colored noise effects should be taken into consideration for the optimal detection.
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AGC scheme, Analog to digital converter(ADC), Automatic Gain Control(AGC), Colored Noise, Detection Method, MIMO detection, Multiple input multiple output(MIMO), Noise Effects, Noise power, Optimal detection, Quantization Noise