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학술대회 A Self-Calibrated LC Quadrature VCO in ACurrent-Limited Region
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변상진, 김관우, 이동호, Joy Laskar, 김천수
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC) 2008, pp.379-382
08MB3200, 차세대 무선 융합 단말용 Advanced Digital RF 기술 개발, 유현규
This paper presents a self-calibrated LC quadrature VCO (LC QVCO) which operates in a current-limited region. Our steady-state phasor analysis shows that phase and amplitude errors of an LC QVCO are linearly related to each other if the LC QVCO is designed to operate in a current-limited region. Based on this linear relationship, we propose a self-calibration technique which uses a low speed amplitude error detector instead of a conventional high speed phase error detector for I/Q error compensation of an LC QVCO. As a prototype, a 2.7GHz self-calibrated LC QVCO was implemented in a 0.18um CMOS process. The LC QVCO core and the self-calibration loop consume 7.6mA and 0.4mA from a 1.8V supply, respectively, and successfully compensate for phase and amplitude errors. © 2008 IEEE.
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0.18um CMOS, Amplitude error, CMOS Process, Error Compensation, High Speed, Phasor analysis, Quadrature VCO, Self-Calibrated, Self-calibration, calibration technique, linear relationship