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학술대회 Possibility of Bill & Keep in The Mobile Termination Market of Korea
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Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 2008, pp.2613-2622
Bill & keep or sender keep all is a particularly simple approach that network costs are recovered from end users without any billing process between telecom providers. Currently, most mobile operators use it for exchange of mobile traffic between them in the US. It is also commonly adopted in the exchange of internet traffics between internet backbone operators. However, it is required prior conditions such as the balance of traffic and the consensus among mobile network providers in order for it to be used commercially. This paper summarizes a few literature reviews on bill & keep and the case study regarding the interconnection system of the US, and then shows that supporting conditions and objecting environments co-exist together from the analysis regarding the possibility of adopting bill and keep in mobile-mobile termination of Korea focusing on considering five sides such as mobile traffic flows, the level of mobile termination charges, the situation of market competition, the policy direction of the government, and opinions of mobile operators. © 2008 PICMET.
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Case studies, End-users, Internet backbone, Literature reviews, Market competition, Mobile networks, Mobile traffic, Traffic flow, mobile operators