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학술대회 A Performance and Monitoring Evaluation System & Its Applications for National R&D Programs: A Case of Industrial Application Technology in Korea
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김문수, 이성영, 최경일, 김병운, 이학연, 최창우
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 2008, pp.386-394
The Korean government established 'the Act on Performance Evaluation and Management for National R&D Programs' in 2005, and one year later constructed a master plan, 'A Basic Plan for the Management and Utilization of R&D performance' that focused on better diffusing the public R&D outcomes. In this study, we propose a performance and monitoring evaluation system model for the national R&D program, which is based on a systematic approach and the logic model that has prevalently used in planning and evaluating the public programs, to meet the purpose of the law and the master plan as well as to facilitate the diffusion of national R&D outcomes focused mainly on the industrial application technology. Furthermore, in order to use the model the several applications, which includes the quantitative methodologies such as DEA and AHP, are suggested in accordance with the existing system of the evaluation institution like Korea Research Council for Industrial Science and Technology (KOCI). © 2008 PICMET.
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Application technology, Evaluation System, Master plan, Performance evaluation, Science and technology, industrial applications, logic model, system model, systematic approach