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학술지 조건부 가치 추정법(CVM)을 이용한 국내 이동 통신 서비스에 대한 소비자 WTP 추정에 관한 연구
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정우수, 임명환, 송영화
경영과학, v.25 no.2, pp.43-55
한국경영과학회 (KORMS)
Contingent valuation method(hereafter CVM) is generally believed to be one of the most popular methods used for quantifying the value of non-market goods or services particularly by asking respondents of willingness to pay. This study deals with how to use CVM in calculating the value of mobile telephone service by suggesting methodology of estimation and eliminating biases. This study represents an attempt to estimate the WTP(Willingness To Pay) of the mobile telephone service using the face-to-face interview which is the qualitative technique is used. In this study, by using the single bound dichotomous choice model(SBDC) in order to analyze the valuation of mobile telephone service, WTP was estimated. Also we analyze the factors to pay for mobile service in which it becomes the important factor of demanding services. We used logit model. In order to provide robust estimates of WTP, we have used the Method of Montecarlo Simulation. Consequently, consumers showed that WTP about the mobile communications service is generally high. And it could know that the WTP will fell down as the specialized knowledge about the mobile communications frequency was high. It will be able to become the important part to not only the business carrier but also the policy maker to estimate the economic value of mobile telephone service.
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Choice model, Contingent Valuation Method(CVM), Dichotomous choice, Face-to-face interview, Logit Model, Mobile services, Monte-Carlo simulation(MCS), Willingness to pay, economic value, mobile communication, mobile telephone