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학술대회 The Business Value of Mobile RFID Services in Korea
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박대승, 허필선, 임명환, 박용재
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 2008, pp.1681-1688
07DD1100, 감시정찰 센서네트워크 개발, 박상준
Korea has studied convergence technology to mount the miniature RFID reader on cellular phone through the mobile RFID forum established in February, 2005 by MIC(Ministry of Information and Communication Republic of Korea) and the relevant organizations. Mobile RFID services will make us recognize the identification code of all kinds of items in which people are interested with the RFID reader built into a cellular phone. They will also allow us to search for more detailed information through the mobile internet network. Recently, the leading providers of mobile telecommunications in Korea, SKT and KTF, have been providing this as a trial service, and as a result, the commercialization of mobile RFID services will soon be launched. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the business value for the mobile telecommunications service providers by measuring and forecasting the market value of mobile RFID services with CVM(Contingent Valuation Method), which uses the WTP(Willingness to Pay) of the customer. In Korea, this trial services are as followers: Genuine ginseng verification, U-Portal service, Genuine drug verification, Safe taxi service, Food history service, Korean premium beef verification, Touch book service, McDonald's touch order service, U-Museum service and so on. © 2008 PICMET.
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Business value, Contingent Valuation Method(CVM), Detailed information, Identification Code, Information and communication, Mobile Internet network, Mobile telecommunication, RFID reader, Republic of Korea, Service Provider, Taxi Service