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학술대회 Wireless Sensor Network based Asset Tracking Service
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김선진, 서정해, Jonnalagadda Krishna, 김선중
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 2008, pp.2643-2647
07MD2900, u-City 적용 센서네트워크 시스템 개발, 표철식
An asset tracking service based on low power wireless sensor networks is proposed and methods to effectively deploy the service are discussed. Asset tracking enables asset managers to track asset location and to indirectly monitor the asset usage status in real time by using mobile wireless sensor nodes attached to each asset. The suggested solution will reduce costs associated with asset tracking and management and improve asset utilization and operational efficiency. The core asset tracking technology can be applied to various applications spaces such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. In this paper, we focus on asset tracking within hospitals and present the tracking system, customer value propositions and service methodologies. A financial analysis showing the benefits from system deployment is also presented. © 2008 PICMET.
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Asset tracking, Asset utilization, Customer Value, Financial analysis, Mobile wireless, Operational efficiency, Real-Time, Static wireless sensor networks(WSNs), Tracking System, Tracking technology, low power wireless sensor