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학술지 Catalyst-Free Synthesis of ZnO Nanorods on Metal Substrates by Using Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
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박승식, 이진모, 김성진, 김상우, 이현희, 김상협, Shizuo Fujita
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, v.53 no.1, pp.183-187
한국물리학회 (KPS)
06MB4700, 차세대 고성능 광전자소자 및 스마트 생화학 센서 구현을 위한 IT-BT-NT 융합 핵심기술 개발, 맹성렬
We report successful synthesis of ZnO nanorods on metal (Cr)-deposited Si substrates in a thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process via a self-catalytic mechanism at relatively low growth temperatures of 400 and 500 ℃. The nanotips were densely grown onto the Cr layer while ZnO nanorods with low density were synthesized on the same substrates. Grazing-incident wide-angle X-ray scattering measurements showed a uniform distribution and a random directionality of the nanotips and the nanorods grown on Cr-deposited Si substrates. Free-exciton emission from the nanorods was clearly observed from the samples at a very low temperature of 50 K in the photolu- minescence measurements. In addition, strong free exciton and relatively weak deep level emission bands were detected from both samples even at room temperature, indicating the ZnO nanotips and nanorods on Cr/Si substrates in this work had a low defect density.
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Catalyst-free synthesis, Catalytic mechanism, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Chemical vapour deposition(CVD), Deep level, Exciton emission, Free exciton, Low temperature(LT), Room-temperature, Scattering measurements, Si substrate