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학술대회 DSP Design and Implementation for the UE Modem Controller of the 3G Long-Term Evolution
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박옥선, 이재경, 박형준, 안재민
International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications (ICWMC) 2008, pp.395-398
The 3 G LTE will provide the increased data rates, improved coverage, improved spectrum efficiency and reduced latency with adapting various transmission parameters for high-speed data transmission. Accordingly, we suggest an efficient method for controlling FPGAs in the user equipment of the 3G LTE. Our proposed DSP software design, the UE Modem Controller, reduces processing latency for controlling modem hardware since it has been designed as interrupt service routines based on its functions and FPGAs' operation timing. Furthermore, it performs complex computations required in FPGAs and store various physical parameters to control UE modem at the right time. © 2008 IEEE.
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3G LTE, High-speed data transmission, Long term Evolution(LTE), Physical parameters, Software design, Spectrum efficiency, User equipment(UE), data rate, design and implementation, transmission parameters