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Journal Article Optimal Scheduling of Satellite Tracking Antenna of GNSS System
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안채익, 신호현, 김유단, Jeong Seong-Kyun, Lee Sang Uk, Kim Jae Hoon
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한국항공우주학회지, v.36 no.7, pp.666-673
한국항공우주학회 (KSAS)
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07MR2400, Development of Global Navigation Satellite System Ground Station and Search And Rescue Beacon Technologies, Lee Sang Uk
To construct the accurate radio satellite navigation system, the efficient communication each satellite with the ground station is very important. Throughout the communication, the orbit of each satellite can be corrected, and those information will be used to analyze the satellite satus by the operator. Since there are limited resources of ground station, the schedule of antenna's azimuth and elevation angle should be optimized. On the other hand, the satellite in the medium earth orbit does not pass the same point of the earth surface due to the rotation of the earth. Therefore, the antenna pass schedule must be updated at the proper moment. In this study, Q learning approach which is a form of model-free reinforcement learning and genetic algorithm are considered to find the optimal antenna schedule. To verify the optimality of the solution, numerical simulations are conducted.
KSP Keywords
Genetic Algorithm, Ground Station, Learning approach, Limited resources, Medium earth orbit(MEO), Model-free, Numerical simulations, Pass schedule, Reinforcement Learning(RL), Satellite navigation system, efficient communication