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학술대회 A UMPC Based Mixed Reality System Replacing a Tour Guide
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김기홍, 정혁, 김홍기, 김종성, 손욱호
International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality (ISUVR) 2008, pp.59-62
07MC2300, 실감형 Virtual Engineering 기술 개발 (가상 생산기술 개발), 손욱호
A ubiquitous mixed reality system based on "Experience contents" is presented. The 3D contents provided for users are associated with Korean ancient military weapons such as the turtle ship and the fire wagon, and overlaid on the real images captured by a UMPC camera while looking at the particular weapon displayed in the science museum. For an exact registration of the virtually modeled objects with the captured real images, user's position and pose are continuously tracked using the hybrid method using ultrasonic signal and vision algorithm. Also an interaction method useful in a mobile environment and the content authoring tool making mixed reality content with multimedia resources are developed to improve user's experience. © 2008 IEEE.
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3D content, Authoring Tool, Content authoring, Mixed reality, Position and pose, Tool making, Ultrasonic signal, Vision algorithm, hybrid method, mobile environment, multimedia resources