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학술대회 Proportional Disk I/O Bandwidth Management for Server Virtualization Environment
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강동재, 김재열, 김강호, 정성인
International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT) 2008, pp.647-653
08MS3900, 공개 SW 플랫폼 고도화를 위한 리눅스 커널 기술개발, 정성인
Many virtual machines are operated concurrently on a same physical machine. And service running on each virtual machine has different I/O requirement and priority. But, we can't guarantee that it has proper I/O bandwidth, because the I/O of virtual machine is treated as that of a process in normal system and there is no means to manage the I/O bandwidth for virtual machine. Therefore, we are hard to allocate I/O bandwidth to several virtual machines equally or discriminately. To solve the upper described problems, we propose a virtual machine-aware proportional share queuing scheduler, VM-PSQ, in server virtualization environment. To do that, we designed virtual machine unit scheduler and adopted the concept of time slice and schedule token to support the proportional share of I/O bandwidth. It recognizes each virtual machine I/O as independent system I/O. It enables us to allocate I/O bandwidth among many virtual machines equally or discriminately according to service priority or I/O requirement. This can make a good use of limited I/O bandwidth and guarantee the performance of specific virtual machine. © 2008 IEEE.
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Disk I/O, I/O bandwidth, Physical Machine(PM), Server Virtualization, Service priority, Time Slice, Virtual machine(VM), bandwidth management