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학술대회 A Cooperative Transmit Diversity Scheme for Mobile Satellite Broadcasting Systems
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김수영, 김희욱, 안도섭
Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems (ASMS) 2008, pp.72-75
In this paper, we propose an efficient cooperative diversity scheme for mobile satellite multimedia broadcasting systems. The proposed scheme is a transmit diversity technique to adapt different channel environments, and thus we do not need any channel quality information from the return link. In the proposed scheme, we utilize space-time block coding (STBC) and rate compatible turbo codes in order to realize the transmit diversity for the mobile satellite system with several repeaters. The satellite and several repeaters operate in unison to send the encoded signals, so that the receiver may realize diversity gain. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can provide highly improved performance. © 2008 IEEE.
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Broadcasting system, Channel Quality Information, Diversity gain, Diversity scheme, Diversity technique, Return link, Satellite Broadcasting, Space time(ST), TRANSMIT DIVERSITY, cooperative diversity, improved performance