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학술대회 A Performance Evaluation of Vertical Hanover Architecture with Low Latency Handover
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김도형, 김원태, 이환구, 김선자, 이철훈
International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology (ICHIT) 2008, pp.66-69
This paper describes the vertical handover architecture with Low Latency Handover for mobile terminals which supports interworking between heterogeneous networks. The vertical handover architecture defines handover-related modules for mobile terminal and the handover switching flows among them. We adapt Low Latency Handover method to Mobile IP for reducing handover time. The architecture is designed to be easily extended to support more than two heterogeneous networks, so that it is easy to apply architecture to terminals that have multiple heterogeneous wireless network interfaces. We analyze the performance of handover method in terms of handover delay time using test bed system. © 2008 IEEE.
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Delay Time, Handover delay, Heterogeneous wireless networks, Low latency, Mobile IP(MIP), Performance evaluation, Test-bed, heterogeneous network(HetNet), mobile terminal, network interface, vertical handover(VHO)