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학술대회 Development and Performance Analysis of the Second Generation 406 MHz EPIRB
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주인원, 이점훈, 이용민, 신천식, 이상욱, 김재훈
Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems (ASMS) 2008, pp.333-336
08MR1800, 위성항법지상국시스템 및 탐색구조단말기 기술개발, 이상욱
COSPAS-SARSAT system which consists of space segment and ground segment provides a distress alert and the position information for a distressed ship or airplane with beacon equipment. Currently, COSPAS-SARSAT system provides the LEOSAR service which is called to the first generation, and the GEOSAR service as the second generation. The GEOSAR service provides position accuracy better than the LEOSAR service because the second generation 406 MHz beacon allows for the encoding of position data in the transmitted 406 MHz message, thus providing for quasi-real time alerts and position information through the GEOSAR service. ETRI developed Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon(EPIRB) as the second generation 406MHz beacon for use in maritime applications. Design and implementation aspects of the EPIRB developed by ETRI are presented. Also, performance is presented through the experiment. © 2008 IEEE.
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6 MHz, Cospas-Sarsat system, Performance analysis, Position information, Radio beacon, Real-Time, Second generation(2G), design and implementation, position accuracy, space segment