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학술대회 Wideband Receive Antennas of Sensor Stations for GPS/Galileo Satellite
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윤소현, 장동필, 염인복
Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems (ASMS) 2008, pp.210-212
08MR1800, 위성항법지상국시스템 및 탐색구조단말기 기술개발, 이상욱
This paper describes wideband L-band receive antennas of sensors for GPS as well as Galileo satellites. The antenna should provide small variations of the phase center and small group delay variations. In order to meet the specification on antenna gain, conical spiral antenna is considered. A conical spiral is arranged in a circular cylindrical cavity. The spiral is composed of bifilar coaxial line. These coaxial lines are matched to 50廓 coaxial cable by using 1:4 RF transformer and balun. The antenna gain at zenith is greater than 6dB and the minimum gain at low elevation angle is about -3dB over lower frequency bands (E1 and E6 bands) but that is -3.5dB over high frequency band (L1). The phase center variation of the antenna is less than 4.3 mm over whole operating frequency bands. The antenna has good performance characteristics. © 2008 IEEE.
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Antenna gain, Coaxial line, Conical spiral antenna, Galileo satellite, High Frequency(HF), L-band, Low elevation, Operating frequency, Phase Center Variation(PCV), Small group, coaxial cable