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학술대회 Web-Based Personalized IPTV Services over NGN
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최준균, 이규명, 박효진
International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN) 2008, pp.1-6
08MT1300, BcN 전달망 및 서비스 구조 표준개발, 정태수
Internet protocol television (IPTV), one of the most emerging services, offers multimedia streaming services with security, reliability, and relevant quality of service (QoS)/quality of experience (QoE). It provides added values to all the involving players including customers and also brings technical and business challenges to those players. For IPTV services, we expect to adopt the next generation network (NGN) environment for high quality and the Web technologies for personalization to meet the customer's necessity. Web can provide an open, flexible, and agile platform. Therefore, in this paper, we propose personalized IPTV services based on Web-based open platform in NGN environment and present functional architecture for Web-based personalized IPTV services. Technical issues for deploying the proposed IPTV services using Web are also provided. The objective of this paper is to analyze the critical architectural issues for developing viable and feasible networking platform models for personalized IPTV services. © 2008 IEEE.
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Agile platform, Functional Architecture, IPTV services, Internet Protocol Television(IPTV), Internet protocol(IP), Multimedia streaming, Next generation networks(NGN), Open platform, Streaming service, Web technology, quality of experience(QoE)