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학술대회 Robot Task Control Utilizing Human-In-The-Loop Perception
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유원필, 이재영, 채희성, 한규서, 이유철, 장민수
International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) 2008, pp.395-400
07MI1300, USN 기반 Ubiquitous Robotic Space 기술 개발, 유원필
We propose a network robot application utilizing a human-in-the-loop structure. The proposed structure hybridizes robot perception with perception capability of a human, rendering a robot immune to the uncontrolled environment. Network infrastructure enables the user to intervene in the operation of a robot whenever necessary, enabling seamless transition of task control between the robot and the remote user. We have developed a prototype security robot system by implementing the proposed human-in-the-loop structure. Introduction of network infrastructure, however, also invokes system instability due to network fluctuation, time delay, or jittering. We could resolve the instability by imparting task intelligence to the robot and employing wireless distribution system (WDS) configuration for seamless data communication beyond the coverage of a single access point. Although our approach may solve only part of problems inherent in networked robots, we found that the developed robot system bears sufficient applicability to real world robotic systems incorporating large-area robot navigation. © 2008 IEEE.
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Access point, Human-in-the-Loop, Network robot, Networked Robots, Real-world, Remote user, Robot System, Robot applications, Robot perception, Robot task, Robotic system